About Dr Enyinna Erengwa

Dr. Enyinna Erengwa is an internationally  recognized  Consultant and  Change Expert.    He is a Visionary Leader, an  Enlightened Entrepreneur, a Humanitarian,  and a  Catalyst for Change, who believes strongly that self mastery is essential for impacting our individual environment and living life abundantly.

Dr.Erengwa is  committed to  helping countries and its  people unlock and translate their potential into positive results, through proactive and intelligent action.   People make a country and it is the people that contribute to the country being a success story or not. Dr. Erengwa  challenges  leaders to embrace programs that will encourage  their people to answer  their call to greatness through education, motivation and knowledge.

There is nothing magical or mysterious about  life  strategies, principles and development tools, however understanding that no two countries or people are the same and any attitude of “one size fits all” is a recipe for failure.

 It is not always obvious and it even feels counter-intuitive to admit that help is needed to find a  solution or strategy to overcome one’s problems, face one’s fears, shift perspectives, create accountability or develop a positive action plan. It is because of this, that it becomes extremely necessary for every country to take up this challenge for their citizens in different forms by putting programs in place to assist them in facing their fears and embrace their own greatness.

With right programs in place, the citizens will be given tools to be able to look at their  lives – from the inside out, see themselves as part of the solution rather as one of the problems, and feel empowered to take full responsibility for their own life’s experiences.

Each and every one deserve to live a  life they choose and create the results they want but a few fundamental and powerful questions must be answered first:

  • What do I want?
  • How will I know when I get it?
  • What is preventing me from having it now?
  • What will happen when I get it?
  • What will I have or become through getting it?

Any country that a great percentage of its citizens can answer and work through these basic questions is on a success path and no matter the challenges, the country and its citizens  will have what it takes to pull through.